About BV-BRC

Welcome to the Help Documentation site for the Bacterial and Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center (BV-BRC). BV-BRC is a joint effort among the University of Chicago (UChicago), J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI), Fellowship for Interpretation of Genomes (FIG), and University of Virginia (UVA) that provides a web-based information system designed to support the biomedical research community’s work on bacterial and viral infectious diseases via integration of vital pathogen information with rich data and analysis tools. BV-BRC combines the data, technology, and extensive user communities from two long-running centers: PATRIC, the bacterial system , and IRD/ViPR, the viral systems.

BV-BRC is one of two Bionformatics Resource Centers (BRC) currently funded by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The other BRC–the Eukaryotic Pathogen, Vector, and Host Informatics Resource (VEuPathDB)–focuses on eukaryotic pathogens and invertebrate vectors of infectious diseases, encompassing data from legacy BRCs devoted to parasitic species (EuPathDB), fungi (FungiDB) and vector species (VectorBase).

Help Documentation Organization

The BV-BRC Help Documentation is organized into several subsections:

  • Quick Start: provides set of introductory videos and documents designed to help users, especially those coming from PATRIC and IRD/ViPR, get started using BV-BRC.

  • Quick Reference Guides: provide succinct overviews of specific feature (data, tool, functionality) within the resource with definitions of all of its component parts.

  • Tutorials: provide detailed, step-by-step instructions with screen captures to illustrate how to use a particular data type or tool and interpret its results, often with additional information and rationale to enhance its use in the context of a broader biological question.

  • FAQs and Common Tasks: provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from our users and instructions for performing common tasks.