Selection Action Bar


On the right side of all tables, there is a vertical, green-colored Selection Action Bar, with buttons that provide a set of available “actions” (data links, tools, etc.) that can be performed on the item or items selected in the table.

Accessing the Selection Action Bar

The Selection Action Bar appears on the right side of all tables.

Selection Action Bar

Section Action Bar Buttons

The action buttons apply to specific data types or multiple data types, depending on the operation. Below is a description of each action button, organized by their application.

General purpose

Hide Action Button Hide: Hides the right-hand side Details Pane (toggles between Hide and Show).

Show Action Button Show: Shows (unhides) the right-hand side Details Pane (toggles between Hide and Show).

Download Action Button Download: Downloads the selected items (rows).

Copy Action Button Copy: Copies the selected items to the clipboard.

Group Action Button Group: Opens a pop-up window to enable adding the selected items to an existing or new group in the private workspace.

Genomes and Features

Genome View Action Button Genome: Displays the Genome View Overview page corresponding to the selected genome/feature. Available only if a single feature is selected.

Genome List View Action Button Genomes: Displays the Genomes Table, listing the genomes that correspond to the selected genomes/features. Available only if multiple features are selected.


Feature View Action Button Feature: Displays the Feature Page for the selected feature. Available only if a single feature is selected.

Feature List View Action Button Features: Displays the Features Table for the selected features. Available only if multiple features are selected.

FASTA Data Action Button FASTA: Provides the FASTA DNA or protein sequence for the selected feature(s).

ID Mapping Action Button ID Mapping: Provides the option to map the selected feature(s) to multiple other idenfiers, such as RefSeq and UniProt.

MSA Action Button MSA: Launches the Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) tool and aligns the selected features by DNA or protein sequence in an interactive viewer.

Pathway Action Button Pathway: Displays the Pathway Summary Table containing a list of all the pathways in which the selected features are found.

Protein Families

Protein Families Action Button Protein Family Members Displays a list of all of the features in the selected protein family within the current genome or taxonomic level.


Venn Diagram Button Venn Diagram: Displays an interactive Venn diagram showing the intersection of up to 3 groups. Available only when more than one group is selected.

Share Folder Action Button Share Folder: Allows sharing with other registered users.

Delete Action Button Delete: Deletes the selected items (rows).

Rename Action Button Rename: Allows renaming the selected item. Available only if a single item is selected.

Move Action Button Move: Allows moving of the selected item(s) into another folder in the Workspace.

Edit Type Action Button Edit Type: Allows changing the data type of the selected item, thus changing how the Workspace interprets the item.