Quick Start Videos

The following short videos provide a brief overview of the BV-BRC website and how to use various features. These videos are oriented more towards existing PATRIC or IRD/ViPR users, but should be helpful for anyone wanting to get started using the resource.

All videos are also availble on the BV-BRC YouTube Channel.


BV-BRC Introduction (6:15) - Brief introduction to the BV-BRC and overview of key features.

Searching for Data

Searching for Data in BV-BRC (5:15) - Demo using Global and Advanced Search in BV-BRC to find data of interest.

Filtering Data

Filtering on Tabular Results in BV-BRC (5:00) - Overview of using filters to narrow down to data of interest in BV-BRC.

Submitting Analysis Jobs

Submitting a Job to BV-BRC Annotation Service (6:40) - Quick demo of how to annotate a bacterial genome using BV-BRC.

Viewing Results of Analysis Jobs

Viewing a Completed Annotation Job in BV-BRC (5:41) - Demo of reviewing the results of performing bacterial genome annotation in BV-BRC.

Workspace and Sharing

BV-BRC Workspace Guide (7:56) - Overview of navigating the private Workspace, sharing workspaces with others, and making workspaces and data publicly accessible.